About Judy A Saslow Gallery

About the Gallery

Originally a gallery exclusively showing art created by extraordinary European self-taught and outsider artists, the Judy A Saslow gallery has for the past several years been incorporating contemporary art by established and emerging artists. In addition to outsider art, the gallery has a stunning array of tribal, ethnographic artifacts and jewelry collected from all parts of the globe.

About Judy Saslow

Judy Saslow opened the Judy A Saslow Gallery in April 1995, continuing a lifelong passion to surround herself with art. As a child, attending classes at Chicago’s Art Institute, she would spend hours before and after class wandering through the galleries. Later, as an elementary school teacher and a mother of three, she was continually exposed to the delights of naïve, ‘natural,’ nonconforming art.

Although she first collected primarily modern and contemporary art, Saslow has more recently focused on work created by self-taught American and European ‘outsider’ artists. She is a well-respected collector in the Chicago area.

In recent years, her undergraduate works in psychology and sociology and her experiences as an attorney specializing in family law have come into sharp focus while visiting art therapy programs. She considers the art to be a powerful expression of the artist’s inner visions, a window to the soul of its creator.

With the creation of her gallery, Saslow has put a new spin on the process of exhibiting art. Her intent for the gallery is to be unintimidating and homelike—a place where people can feel free to linger, to learn more about the art while envisioning how each piece might fit into their own personal collections.

In addition to exhibiting known artists, Saslow is excited to show newly found and emerging artists. She also offers other collectors a venue for selling pieces from their own private collections.

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